Self development is the development of Personality in the organized pattern of behaviors and attitudes that makes a person distinctive. Personality development occurs by the ongoing interaction of temperament , character, and environment.

Be honest in a business

By janis

How Make a Honest Business

How Make a Honest Business

Unlucky, the planning of business and honesty don’t always go hand in hand. Our country’s history is spread with examples of nondisclosure, cover-ups, and complete scams. The truth is that bad behavior exists from tiny mom and pop shops.

Many entrepreneurs begin their own companies, because they want to work in an surroundings that’s go well together with their own values. Past experiences that required to cooperation their beliefs, entrepreneurs are often determined to create a business that prioritizes a high standard of behavior along with the bottom line where intelligibility or genuineness is not just one way to do things. But this is the part of their customers, shareholders, and employee’s opportunities.

How to honest with others.

It goes further than not untruthful to your customers and employees. When you confuse up and admitting when you’re wrong it’s your own mistake. It requires acknowledging the state of the business to your employees. It requires selling only what you can distribute effectively and always living up to your word when it comes to customers.

For both customers and employees this kind of honesty begets a wonderful amount of loyalty. Both groups know they can trust you and more importantly, that you value the integrity of the relationship.

How to honest with self.

What you really want it is honest with yourself your job, your experience of private enterprise, and your business. Because people aren’t clear about what their needs and goals are sincere. That don’t give them what they want, its leader needs to be satisfied, for a business to work well but too often, entrepreneurs end up running businesses. We need to do tasks we don’t like, we end up creating jobs we don’t enjoy and we let other people’s definition of success trample our own, we build companies that aren’t in service of our vision.

Once a programmer loved working with a unfailing team of people for clients. It is exciting and challenging. Its reputation was great and, as a result. The “smart” thing to do, so he hired other programmers seemed likely the new jobs for them.

Honesty about the experience.

Most of entrepreneurs have pitches that are too polished books. They stress their happy endings and minimize their own doubts.

Make sure, that’s understandable and they’re in the business of attracting clients and instilling customer confidence who wants to air their dirty laundry? What they don’t realize is that, while you don’t need to publicly sound the alarm each time you have a concern, there’s a cost that comes with claiming that everything is all roses. It makes you unrelatable to your peers. It also skews your own viewpoint about the business.


How to talk to your kids about religion?

By janis

How to talk to your kids about religion?

How to talk to your kids about religion?

Many parents thought religion is too complex for young children to comprehend.  Some parents are worry to introduction the religious ideas will bias children in one way or another. But waiting is a risk. Kids are competent of so much more than we give them recognition. If we risk losing their interest altogether then we wait too long religious.

The community in which you live and the sorts of beliefs your child is most likely to come upon in talks with her peers. For planning purposes count on kicking things off around nursery school. It is fine you to wait a little longer, the longer you wait, the harder the transition is likely to be. Your child will probably have picked up a lot of things from peers when your age is eight years. He might be worried about what he’s hearing, feel an mysterious lack of belonging.

Following are some general rules.

Ages Four to Six.

Kids are ready to start exploring ideas of spirituality in this age. When growing imaginations start welcoming unnatural ideas and when concepts like “good” and “evil” come into focus.  When investigation replaces demand as the symbolic tool of choice: “What happens if someone does that?” “Why?” At age five, most children are being exposed to the reality that Mom and Dad don’t have exclusive control of the thought procedure.

Ages Seven and Eight.

The time you have made clear that faith is a subject you are open to discussing ,when your kid turns seven or eight, you ought to hear the subject come up naturally from time to time. In this way your child will likely enjoy thinking about how the world was made and how humans came to be. Encourage your kids to share their own thoughts, whatever they may be. If you are a believer, don’t forget to talk about non-belief, as well talk a little about the belief systems of your extended family. Don’t worry about characteristic between religions at this early stage. Point out the religion toward your kids.

Ages Nine to Eleven.

religious talks will become commonplace in this age. Develop your knowledge for children and religious literacy into your conversations. What’s difference sometimes lead to conflict some of the basic differences in religions. Discuss the religions subjects like sin and hell are age-appropriate at this stage, “Did God create man, or did man create God?”, “God’s will” versus “free will. Expand advantage of religious symbols in your community.

Ages Twelve and Thirteen.

You may be near to the end of your power. Your child gets to be a teenager as she will likely begin to turn away from you and instead look to her friends for guidance and direction. When her critical thinking skills kick into high gear this is also the time. It is not important to like or dislike people based on their religion or skin color or sexual direction or any other identifying feature that makes them different. Often those most different from us have the most to offer us.




By janis

5 Tips to Change Bad Habits

5 Tips to Change Bad Habits


Bad habits can be changed. There are 7 tips from the researchers who change your bad habits.

1.Cut yourself some baggy.

 Habits are habits so it is hard to change them. But why they are hard to break. We actually need the majority of the habits we have. Most of our days appealing in routines and activities, good habits.

You slip into the bathroom in the morning to wash your face to your drive to work where you have a “habit” of following traffic rules. Your routines as you go through your workday to kicking off your shoes, you are on autopilot a fair amount of the time, when you get back to the house.  Unlucky, the brain really doesn’t distinguish between the bad habits and the good ones.

2. Identify the underlying cause.

Habits are like a function. The habit every morning of brushing your teeth prevents tips to the dentist. The habit of checking your messages first thing at work helps you organize your day. Bad habits are no different.

Think about smoking may be a way to take time out to pause.  You know how to be social drinking too much may be the only way. You will come to grips with whatever function the bad habit is serving, if you want to break the habit.

3.Repair your commitment frequently.

Taking things soother or eating better, anything you want to change in your routines will need to be frequently reviewed to merge and produce the affects you want.  Make positive changes in your health and do not know where to start?

By changing your habits and health will design with you strategies to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from achieving it.

 Write it down. 

Often a promise to paper committing that makes that promise more real. In this case, write down your promise to yourself and read it before every meal and at bedtime. That’s no side effects and is likely to help you.

4. Realize the triggers of your bad habits.

Some situations lead you to make a replica the bad habit you want to change.  Just as it may be for smoking to have a coffee after eating, to eat chocolate with people who stress you, or to drink alcohol, to get home and sit on the sofa etc. But it is not easy to change these habits ,you can avoid them and make it easier for you to move forward in your change.

What change you can make before the usual saboteur surprises you imagine it. Our mind responds to very fixed patterns and can harm us by anticipating unlikely suffering.  For changing thinking patterns image and affirmations are powerful methods.

5.Allow for slips.

 Nobody won be perfect. Everyone slips up. Because its only human. A reason to give up and slip provides you with in sequence. What you might need to change in order to stay on track it tells you.


3 Tips to Domestic Your Ego When It Threatens Success

By janis

3 Tips to Domestic Your Ego When It Threatens Success

3 Tips to Domestic Your Ego When It Threatens Success

I think you will be learn and control your emotions after reading my article.

Many years later, a client in a company and I were working with that made an expensive mistake and couldn’t pay us immediately. The company informed me that it would not be able to pay the bill and stopped responding to my messages.

My emotional was outbreak pressed heated texts and emails from the CEO.  I was rude to someone who delivered the message. We worked out the issues, but we also ended up losing the company’s business.

When Ego Wins.

We might to end the relationship with that client, my emotional ego and reactions caused more hurt than a rational come up to.

Ego is your idea about yourself. Ego and emotion are closely related, emotions arise when that identity is challenged. My image of myself as a winner with client who doesn’t take any crap was at risk.

Rational doesn’t have to kill your identity or self respect. Destoring your pride and behaving rationally doesn’t mean staining your ego in sense of pride. Everyone’s best interest is to take the action by looking at the situation from all sides.

Your ego leads to poor decision-making in business. For example, your company usually works with businesses that have internal marketing departments. You never make decisions without data to back them up, these marketers often carry believe they know better. Because it hurts their egos to find out they’re wrong.

There are three ways to rein in our own ego when it upset in discussions, solid decision-making and important partnerships.

1.Focus on understanding.

Understanding is a relational word right now, and for good reason. Leading with understanding will ensure that all your partnerships are win-win. These relationships are usually transactional; they’re partnerships.

Put yourself in your partner’s position.

Success doesn’t look the same for every person or every business. What is needed to ensure every partnership benefits all involved parties is key to understand. Put yourself in your partner’s position.

We should open a dialogue that allowed the partner representatives to say, “We understand your performs better. We need to protect the relationship, so it has to be fixed.”

Allowed everyone to keep their heads and we were able to create relation that benefited both parties by achieving that logical clarity.

2.Don’t overinflate the ups and downs.

Every one want’s to do that things which feel you good and get so excitedly. It also train yourself to recognize when your response is emotional against rational.

It also works the other way might be tough to receive positive feedback, the anxiety is actually your ego wincing. Accept you’re motivated feeling and pull yourself out of that fog and begin thinking logically. You’ll never to improve your ego if it is so big and won’t let you hear denigration.

3.Know what matters and what doesn’t.

Only power circumstances have over you is the power you give them In both business and in life. Your ego taming when those circumstances is key to success.

Ask yourself how you can fix it, if something goes wrong. Our fair share of unhappy everyone does. Often it’s due to a bad culture fit, but it’s still important to try to make it right. We always try to work things out with our participants.

When someone is being completely irrational and nothing more we can do. When I ask leading questions that partner can’t answer, so I understand that their egos might have gotten in the way.


3 Things We Must Know About Ourselves Today and Every Day

By janis

3 Things We Must Know About Ourselves Today and Every Day

3 Things We Must Know About Ourselves Today and Every Day

We need to make sure you’re utilizing one of your greatest tools: our own voice. That inside voice will help us to prepare a plan and go under the external voices of naysayers. Our voice holds the power to boost us confidence. It also help us both navigate and learn from setbacks when they occur.

We should be honest with ourselves. Is our own voice joining the negative singing group of doubters? If the answer is yes, we’ll need to tell ourselves these three things today, every day and for the rest of our lives.

1.Do it now.

It will pull us into a marsh of indecision, if left unrestricted. You’ll make justification after excuse that will finally shut out on your dream. If you’re frequently telling yourself it’s OK allow your inner voice to motivate you from morning until night. It will be not what we achieve. Instead violently give to us dream with a sense of need.

Become our own greatest believer for change The difference between “could and did” lies in planning and action, so. Don’t take no for an answer, especially from ourselves.

What are we saying? Start listening to our voice today.

Start listening to our voice today. What are you saying?  Success is never owned. It’s rented, and the rent is due every day. It’s true that whether we think we can, or whether we think we can’t, we’re going to be right. When we do find ourselves achieving success, make sure we self-talk remains positive and inspiring. we don’t want to start telling ourselves we’ve at home and become self-satisfied.

2.I deserve this.

I always ask why they don’t deserve their complete finest. I meet someone who’s allowed their dream to upset, or who appears to be short-lived up opportunities for personal growth or development, If we’re in the middle of the persons who are settling for anything less than the success us dream on the subject of, we simply must get out of us own way to achieve our dream might be. We’ve always wanted or finishing our degree, begin by reminding ourselves that we deserve a brighter future, and then invest in ourselves by giving our all to us.

 3.I know i can.

 If we allow fear to paralyze our progress, we’ll create a blueprint for mediocrity and miss the priceless lessons only trial and error can reveal. Make sure our self-talk is stronger than our fear. The inability to reclaim we forward momentum are fear of failure. One of the greatest feature of our success, and one can be effectively addressed by empowering our inner voice.

It can be extremely uncomfortable to walk out onto your personal ledge I know that, but the feeling of freedom is incomparable. We can’t habitually make fear-based decisions because we all have fears or we’ll never reach our full potential. Fear is not an overnight process I understand how to overcome. It require that we take advantage of additional resources at our disposal, such as individual therapy.

Without Faith Why You Can’t Find Success

By janis

Without Faith Why You Can’t Find Success

Without Faith Why You Can’t Find Success

There are five personal qualities on each side of the Pyramid of Success. We referred to as the “mortar” that held the other side together. These personal qualities bond the other some character traits and make them strong, solid and steadfast.

The left side of the Pyramid is “mortar” up of goal, flexibility, imagination, struggle and faith. On the right side mortar is sincerity, honesty, reliability, integrity and patience.

The faith and patience could have been placed at the very top or the very bottom of the Pyramid. These qualities are both the goals and the bedrock of what we need to maintain the other blocks on the Pyramid as we overcome weakness on our journey to success.

We made keenness and industriousness the cornerstones of his Pyramid and explained that carriage and self-assurance are a result of the blocks below them. We eventually have resting success on top of nothing other than faith and patience.

We must have faith in them, if we expect people to have faith in us. Both in others and in ourselves faith is required to bring out the best in people. Faith is the way: “It’s better to trust and be disappointed occasionally than to distrust and be miserable all the time.”

In our article shows each person that have faith in his or her skill to get the job done, and with the purpose of we have faith in our shared image that our hard work will not be wasted.

Believe that, we needed to trust in something higher than ourselves. There was an eventual plan at work of which we were an vital component. “We must have faith that if we do the things we know we should do, things will work out as they should,” I thought. “we will necessarily be the way we would want them to, but as they should. We should not wait for more than that.”

Our faith must be accompanied by work. “ We just want things to work out and don’t want to pay the price, we want them so to speak, of doing the things that would help that become truth.” Faith is not simply meeting back and hoping for a positive outcome but, our sleeves and investing ourselves in the matter with the faith that things will end up for the best.

We will find that we had faith in their thinking and their goals, they placed faith in others to work at the side of them in realizing their vision. What a wonderful inheritance each man left. It is the power of faith.


If You Think You’re Going to Hell, Please Read This First

By janis

If You Think You’re Going to Hell, Please Read This First

If You Think You’re Going to Hell, Please Read This First

Do any of sound well-known?

  • Every Friday the preacher shouted from the pulpit that you’re a terrible sinner. God is angry at you. God’s anger, you’re going to burn in hell for all time without end.
  • Your parents told you that you’re just no good. They’re absolutely right. You just can’t feel good that you do.
  • You’ve done very bad things. Have you done so bad that you deserveto be in hell. There is no hope for you. You’re a dead body.
  • How hard you try that’s not matter, you can’t be good. What you should do, but you just keep on doing the things you shouldn’t


Effects on your experience, then no matter how you portion it, you’ve got some hard work to do. It may take some time to fully recover, even with God’s help.

What I can present you is new light and a new understanding of your situation. You hope that there is a path out. It might help you take your next steps on that path toward the life of heaven God has in mind for you.

Doesn’t matter what that preacher or your parents or anyone else has said, God created you for heaven, not for hell. You can’t find your way to heaven is not a reasonable what your history.

Is a wrathful God angry at you?

Answer is: No.

Doesn’t the Bible say, “God judge the virtuous, and God is angry with the wrong every day” (Psalm 7:11, King James Version)?

What does this all mean?

In the verse approximately should read, “God is a righteous judge, and is not angry all day.”

“If God is Love, Why all the Pain and Suffering?” that’s just how God’s love looks to us when we’re bent on an evil and vicious path that’s opposed to God’s love.

God’s love is as warmth of the sun. What if you’re a snowman? What if you want to be cold? If you’re a snowman, God’s love looks wrathful and destructive. It’s a terrible, negative heat that melts and destroys you.

When the Bible talks about God’s wrath, it’s talking about the effect God’s love has on everything that’s evil and false in us and in our world. It’s only when we identify with the evil and cling to it as our own that we feel God’s love as anger and wrath. And the Bible often speaks to us according to the way things seem to us, even if the reality is different from God’s perspective.

It was said? “You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.” So I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who hunt you, you may be children of your Father in heaven; for he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good.

For God loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not die may have unrestricted life. Indeed, God did not send the Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. (John 3:16–17)

Notice that, God so loved the world. The first shaft of new light, and the most important new information about your situation.  What you may have been told, God is not angry at you. It’s just the opposite. Doesn’t matter what you have done, and no matter how horrible or worthless a person you think you are, God loves you.

God gave you the sun of divine love, and the rain of divine truth, whether you are evil or good, and whether you are virtuous or bad. You can do to make God stop loving you. As the Psalm says:

O Lord, you have examined me, and you know me. . . .
If I go up to heaven, you are there.
If I make my bed in hell, you are there.
(Psalm 139:1, 8)

Are you predestined because of what your parents did?

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Are you predestined because of what your parents did?

By janis

Are you predestined because of what your parents did?

Are you predestined because of what your parents did?

For bringing us into this world our parents were responsible. They are actual love with us, care for us, teach us right from wrong, and guide us toward a healthy and responsible maturity. Most of us were lucky to have parents who did a fine job.

But unfortunately, some of us were born of parents who fell far little of the stain. They just weren’t ready to have children. Maybe they were too focused on money or power or pleasure to really care in relation to their children. These bad parents can basis great damage to their children.

In past times, it was general for whole families to be predestined and executed for the offenses of the head of the household. Just as like three men named Ali, Dahan, and Abirahim rebelled against God’s commandments to the ancient Hebrews about the priesthood, not only they, but their wives and children died as a result of their naughtiness.


What do you mean by repeating “The word of the Lord came to me” this proverb concerning the land of Israel, “The parents have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge”? As I say the Lord God, this proverb shall no more be used by you in Israel.  All lives of the parent as well as the life of the child is mine: it is only the person who sins that shall die. (Ezekiel 18:1–4)

The chapter then goes on to explain in detail that only the son shall be held guilty if a father is good, but his son evil, then if that son has a son who sees how his father lived, but to live a good life instead, then only the father, not the son, shall be held guilty.

Have you committed terrible sins?

If you yourself  have done terrible, horrible sin. What if you don’t deserve to go to heaven because of what you’ve done?

But if the evil turn away from all their sins that they have committed and keep all my statutes shall not die. The righteousness have done they shall live. Have I any pleasure in the death of the evil, says the Lord God, and not rather that they should turn from their ways and live? (Ezekiel 18:21–23, emphasis added)


How to Become a Strong Bold Woman

By janis

How to Become a Strong Bold Woman

How to Become a Strong Bold Woman

The mean of a strong, bold woman is you are able to find pleasure on your own. You have self-confidence without having to rely on another person or society for legalization. Emotionally bold to have healthy relationships with others without falling into co-dependent patterns. Learn how to embrace the woman you are and who you want to become bold.

There are some tips that enable you to prepare girls to achieve their best potential and to overcome traditional personal hi-fi types that encourage girls to be nothing more than “sugar and spice and everything nice.” These are some tips on what you can do to challenge these boundaries and make bigger options for all girls.

Tips to help girls become strong, smart & bold:

  • Help girls get further than “yuk.” Persevere calmly that girls to divide a young insect ,hold a snake, get their hands dirty discovering the world around them.
  • Introduce girls to active women who unite paid work, helper work and family life.
  • Become an idle. Give respect yourself and other women, you set a average which girls can follow.
  • Admire girls for their skills and successes, not only for their appearances. Say, “you did a terrific job,” instead of “you look beautiful today.”
  •  Encourage them to get dirty and avoid rescuing girls untidy and sweaty climbing trees or playing in the grass. Allow them to take risks.
  • Expose the fairy story of Prince Charming. The most women will work for pay for most of their lives. Every girl needs to be ready to maintain herself.
  • Watch TV with a serious eye. Talk about what you’ve seen together for strong, smart women who are not limited to “traditional” roles. Consider how are portrayed on TV Are heavier girls shown as disliked?
  • Give girls more opportunities to become leaders. Permit them to choose activity, make the rules, settle his argument. A girl who has learned to lead is better charge of her own education and career.
  • Give girls many opportunities to skill in science, math, history, art and others professions.  Some girls are ready to keens and willing to explore. On the other side often haven’t had to enough exposure or encouragement themselves. Just alike, girls can put objects in water to see if they float, attempt simple family circle experiments such as making vegetable dyes or they can learn to repair their own bicycles.


4 Ways to Be Better Than ‘Just Good’

By janis

4 Ways to Be Better Than ‘Just Good’

4 Ways to Be Better Than ‘Just Good’

There are some ways that make person better than good.

 1.Identify the things and skills needed to achieve your objectives.

If you want to be a famous speaker,  you need a broad vocabulary, subject  knowledge, speech writing, part of speech indentification ,sound level, voice clarity, and presentation skills. This is identifying short term objectives to achieve long term goals.

2.Choose  your confidence.

It’s a saying in business that you need to have high self-confidence to achieve your goal. But others some people think for good reason, that lower self-confidence makes people more successful.Your lower self-confidence makes you pay attention to serious feedback and helps you be more self-confidence. If you’re convinced you’re God’s gift to engineering, you probably won’t be receptive to feedback.

3.Feel Your Desire.

Think of one goal you have. Whisper it to your soul. Sit silently with this goal. Listen for the essence of it. Feel that essence. If you want a partner, perhaps the essence is love. If you want money, perhaps the essence is freedom  .Just feel the essence, the reality of the existence of your goal inside you.  This is where every goal starts and finishes.

This is the power of the first step, and it is where you get your power from every step beyond the first.

4.imagine in a dream.

Dream time is a perfect time to help manifest a goal.  As you drift off to sleep, ask to become one with your goal, in heart and feeling. know your goal is available in dreams. I am one with money, I am one with health. Whatever your goal is, breathe it in while going to sleep. Though it may not be here during the day yet, get familiar with its reality in dreams. Then the next day, cultivate the feeling of being one with your goal.  By asking to receive it as energy in your body. You can accelerate your path to a goal. BE your goal in sleep and you will draw it to you in waking life

Some points that make you better

  • Be yourself. Then people will notice who are you real life .
  • Do behave with others that you want to be done to you.
  • Admit your fault ,If you have wronged someone it right away to become better.
  • Try to give second chances. To others as well as yourself.
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • Do respect of others.
  • Keep your dreams loose and flexible.
  • Pull out your calendar and set a timeline.
  • Think logically and avoid wasting time on imagining your success.
  • You cannot have success if you do not know what it means and wealth for you.
  • Always stay put yourself on right way.
  • Question your ability to accomplish your goals so you don’t get a big head.
  • Set your clear goals and be practical.


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